Saturday, July 28, 2012

play hard learn hard :D

we're not kids,we're champion :D

 hello :D

I'm always a good student,I pay full attention to teacher :D

nicky chin,seimalao,you win you win lol

owww I will miss you,remember to pass up your bookkeeping in time hahaha
it has been half a year she sitting beside me
this 1D fan,we had a lot of fun and good time :')

favourite teacher!!:DDD he is cute like jelly (is jelly cute?no.)(oww get it?LOL!)
no lar,he's cute and friendly indeed,and he has a good sense of humour  :D
pervert-like in this photo hahahahahahahaha (opps)

we're sugar, spice,and everything nice......... :D

 good evening,everyone.this is a special on channel 6azhong,brought to you by the beautiful anchors Wong Ying Tyng and Chia Chi Yin :DD

party rock is in the house tonight,
everybody just have a good time,
and we gonna make you lose your mind
everybody just have a good time


we went to shi yuan's house to have a party there (her house is very grand,her parents are very young and friendly too) XIE XIE SHI YUANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN :DD

disaster lol 

ghosts haha 美女美女!

 hahahaha xiao yong qi!another cute woman,
how I usually describe her?
善良,可爱,还有aunty hahaha :DDD


 帅哥帅哥!!仅存的男生,不要看他们酱,其实他们很可爱的ehh haha
迪~~  :D

 傻佬!!hahaha 看他们笑到haha

分手了分手了  迪 哈哈  

狼水的谢紫盈!!可爱!! haha 

 美女 美女!!
 yerrrrrr 很 sweet eh :DDD


注意看莉晶的眼睛,看她看哪里!HAHAHAHA holy shit

bernard tea BOSS-LIKE gaming time

看到就看 看不到就算
笑到我肚子痛 hahahhahaha

p.s:the pics are from victor beh,a crazy fellow,thanks to him for uploading :)

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